Haik's Legacy

Founded in 2007 by Rev. Haik Hovsepian's family, Hovsepian Ministries is a California based non-profit organization with the purpose of encouraging and mobilizing Iranians around the world in their Christian faith. The ministry grew from a desire to continue Haik Hovsepian’s legacy after the loving husband and father was martyred in Tehran, Iran in 1994. 22 years on, the Hovsepian family still feels the absence of Haik every day, but there is great comfort in knowing where he is now, and that they will meet him one day soon. For them, forgiveness is a daily journey and choice.
As the leader of the Protestant churches in Iran, Haik has set a spiritual example for all of us to follow. Haik was a caring father to four children and a faithful husband to Takoosh. He was an outspoken Christian apologist, evangelist, and a gifted musician. 22 years after Haik's martyrdom, the church of Iran still remembers him as a faithful leader who never abandoned his flock, no matter what the cost. His martyrdom has raised many fearless servants to continue in his footsteps.
Since the launch of Haik's ministry as a Pastor in Gorgan, Iran in 1964, the Hovsepian family has gone through many struggles and trials. While Haik and Takoosh were traveling with a missionary family, a tragic accident killed their first born son. Though this was the first of many heartbreaks, they trusted in the Lord and continued their faithful ministry. Takoosh says "Christian life is like a university, which you never graduate from. After each tragedy we faced, we thought we learned it all...all the spiritual lessons, but later realized it is indeed a long process to become Christ-like."
In 1982, Haik became the Superintendent of Assemblies of God churches in Iran, and several years later the representative of all Evangelical churches in Iran. He did not believe in succumbing to government pressure and chose instead to ‘tell the world’ about the plight of Iranian Christians. He said, “If we go to jail or die for our faith, we want the whole Christian world to know what is happening to their brothers and sisters.” His efforts reached a climax in 1991 when the Iranian Church received the news of Pastor Hosein Soodmand's martyrdom in the city of Mashhad. In 1993, this was followed by the news of an execution order for Pastor Mehdi Dibaj, a convert from Islam, who had been imprisoned for almost 10 years.
Haik worked very hard to bring global attention to human rights issues, as well as other violations of religious freedom of Christians in Iran. Due to the world’s reaction, Dibadj was released on January 16, 1994 – only a few days before his official execution date. On January 19, 1994 Haik disappeared from the streets of Tehran. The authorities reported his death to his family on January 30; he had been stabbed 26 times in the chest.

Indeed, Haik gave his heart to Christ twice. Once, when he invited Christ into his life as his Saviour, and second, when his heart was torn apart for his faith in Christ.

After the martyrdom of Haik, several other Iranian believers, including Pastor Mehdi Dibadj, Pastor Tateos Mikaelian, and Pastor Mohammad Bagher Yusefi (also known as Pastor “Ravanbaksh”, ‘soul giver) disappeared and were murdered.
The martyrdom of Haik and the experience of daily forgiveness and healing, has motivated and inspired the Hovsepian family to share the message of forgiveness and love with the world.